Yoga is a way of Life

10 Oct


Yoga is a way of Life

Yoga is a way of Life

Yoga is about attaining a blissful state of being. Through the development of your body, mind and psychic potencies, you gain physical strength, beauty, health and spiritual consciousness. Yoga techniques — Asana, Kriya, Pranayama, Bhavana calm the mind, offers clarity of thought, objectivity, and an overall balance in your personality.

The word yoga is derived from Sanskrit ‘Yuj’- which means ‘to unite or integrate’. It is a practical method for making your life meaningful, useful and noble. The practice of yoga helps your body become active and vibrant. Most importantly, yoga helps to keep your body and mind in tune with the essence of your soul, and the beauty is in the fine blend of the three.

To attain this harmonious blend, constant practice without interruption and effort (abhyasa) is required. With the right attitude and determination, you must reach what I call, a certain climax, in your effort. When we practice yoga, we have to be aware of what we are experiencing, whether certain feeling are being generated. If we do not get into the spirit of whatever is being done the impact is lost.

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    I am great full to You all.


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